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On Sept 22, the nation rallied & protested against the Federal Reserve. It was a huge success and we need to keep the movement going. With each protest we wake people up & cause great public awareness. Join us again in a nationwide protest on Saturday Nov 24 in an End The Fed rally to keep our message strong.

With one Nationwide demonstration under our belt, its time to show that we are serious about our message. Its time we continue the pressure and show that we will not allow ourselves to be impoverished, and that we will not support unconstitutional debt done in our names paid for in the value of our very futures. Lets stand again, wake up the masses and grow our numbers to show that this movement is NOT going anywhere.

We plan to host rallies at every Federal Reserve Bank in the country. We will keep updating info regarding the upcoming November protest as the organizers create the events. If you’d like to get involved with organizing, please contact us. We would be glad for you to join the movement! Spread the word of this important event & as Americans continue to unite in solidarity for the 2 most important causes: Freedom & Peace.

THANK YOU for your involvement & participation.

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Huge Updates to the End The Fed Event Information

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I am proud to Announce That we will be broadcasting speeches online from Walter Block and Stephen Molyneux on the day of this event

Please check out the Events to see specific details about a Federal Reserve Protest near you. The events have been updated to give you a better idea of what is going on at each event, and who you may be seeing speak at that event, and if you can’t make it, what livestream feed to see the event from home!

Also, I am honored to be able to promote this event in interviews on Through The Mirror with Rense Radio, Liberty Panacea, As well as Reality Report

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END THE FED Rally at New York Federal Reserve!

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We The People are “FED” Up with the Crony Capitalism Centrally Planned by the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banking System. Let’s “coin” together.
New York City, September 22, 2012: Libertarians, tea partiers, occupiers, conservatives and liberals will be joining forces in late September to spread awareness about a major issue in U.S. politics and economics that they can all agree on; the corrupt, private Federal Reserve banking system that controls U.S. monetary policy. The people will be gathering at Federal Reserve locations all across the nation, including The New York Fed located at 33 Liberty Street in Manhattans financial district. The event will be held from 12-3pm on September 22nd 2012 and will be followed by a networking after party. The Speakers at this year’s event include Chris Duane of Sons of Liberty Academy, Luke Rudkowksi of WeAreChange.org, and Danny Panzella of TruthSquad.tv as well as a musical performance by Tatiana Moroz.

Awareness about the Federal Reserve System has been growing in recent years largely due to one activist Congressman Ron Paul. He has been fighting for Fed transparency for decades. The movement was bolstered by his 2008 and 2012 campaign for U.S. President in which he made the Fed a central campaign issue, forcing other candidates to admit the Fed needs to be audited.

The Federal Reserve System is a group of private banks owned by its shareholders, other private banks like Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo & Bank of America. The country’s most powerful “agency” – the Federal Reserve – is actually no more federal than Federal Express. The Fed itself admitted :
(via Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=avjlPu.bRVmk )

“While the Fed’s Washington-based Board of Governors is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act and other government rules, the New York Fed and other regional banks maintain they are separate institutions, owned by their member banks, and not subject to federal restrictions.”
For that reason, the New York Fed alleged in the lawsuit brought by Bloomberg to force the Fed to reveal some information about its loans – Bloomberg LP v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 08-CV-9595, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan) – that it was not subject to Federal Freedom of Information Act.

“The Board of Governors that IS a federal agency is stacked with cronies and former executives of the shareholder banks. The foxes have the keys to the hen house.” Said Tatiana Moroz, who will be performing at the event.

“We don’t need the Wall St. elite to centrally plan our economy, look at our current unemployment numbers and compare it to bank profits obviously their policies don’t benefit anyone but themselves. The Wall St. elite are the only ones in recovery.” Said Danny Panzella the event’s organizer.

This year’s theme “Let’s coin together!” has the movement focused on working together to strengthen the community and local economies by opting out of using the Federal Reserve Monopoly money that they continuously devalue.
“Set up localized barter systems, or trade in silver or gold. By practicing these methods you not only get more value from bartering commodities you are developing and strengthening community relationships which will help us all weather the coming economic storm.” concluded Mr. Panzella.

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Philadelphia Announces It’s Rally Set List

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The organizers of the Philadelphia event are proud to announce their list of Speakers for the rally happening in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia! The Rally starts at 12:00 noon, and speakers start at 1:00. So come on down, show your disdain with us for central banking, and have a great time doing it! END THE FED!

Official Facebook Event Page

Hosted by Michael Salvi – founder of Philly grassroots activist group Truth Freedom Prosperity, Mike is a constant advocate for personal liberty.

Keith Smith – Born to a family that has raised him from the cradle up in the message of liberty and sovereignty, Keith has been a grassroots activist for longer than most anybody I know. Keith will tell you how it is, and what sovereignty is all about with a conviction and body of personal research seldom seen.

Michael Heise – Thats Me! After starting a journey of discovery and learning, I decided that it was my personal job to hit the streets, and teach people about the deceptions we are being tricked into believing this life, this society, this government is really about.

Mark Passio – A walking hard drive, Mark has an unbelievably large body of work delving into topics such as the occult, consciousness, and many topics having to do simply with the fabric of reality. With a heightened perception, and a staggering body of work, Mark speaks from a point of rare enlightenment.

Larken Rose – An unapologetic Anarcho-Capitalist, Larken is the author of 4 books. His arguments consisting of a government-free society being the most moral society, and shedding the belief in “authority” as we know it will have you questioning everything you thought our society was/is about. practical, groundbreaking, and hard hitting, Larken paints an image of the world where humans exist as freely as possible.

Musical Performance by Payday Monsanto

Need I say more?

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2 More Cities Join in Growing Federal Reserve Protest

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Charlotte, North Carolina and Salt Lake City, Utah are the newest cities to jump in on The Nationwide Rally against the Federal System. This Rally now has protests going on in nearly HALF OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!

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The Movement Grows: 4 More Cities Sign On To Rallly Against Federal Reserve In Countrywide Effort

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Just In the past few days, a wave of support has come our way. We our now joined in our nationwide siege to the idea of central banking, by organizations coming from Denver, Colorado, Jacksonville, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles California. So anybody from these cities, please be sure to Join This Event! Bring the kids! Tell Everybody you know: The Fed is Ending!

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Philadelphia Wants YOU to End The Fed!

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Michael Salvi of Truth, Freedom, Prosperity has put the word out for all of us Illadelphians (myself included) to join us, Saturday September 22nd to march on the fed. Now if your from Philly, I’m sure you know what this means: A kickass march/rally in defiance of the Fed, and a great time with good people. You know what to do Philly!

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